About Drupal

Site-in-the-Box uses Drupal 7 as the content management system.  We strive to keep the training simple for our Site-in-a-Box content administrators, so the focus of this training site is on how to get the job done (instead of how Drupal works).  Sometimes it may be helpful to understand how the site is put together, and a bit more details about Drupal.

Drupal is an open source content management system which has a large community of developers and contributors.  We've selected a large number of modules to create the Site-in-a-Box site and have done the configuration necessary.  

In Drupal, every piece of content on the site is considered a node.


A node is a single piece of content. Each node is associated with a Content type. When you select Add Content and choose what type of content you want to create, you are creating a node of that type:

Add Content > Basic Page = a node of the type Basic Page
Add Content > Event = a node of the type Event
Add Content > FAQ = a node of the type FAQ
Add Content > News Item = a node of the type News Item
Add Content > People = a node of the type People
Add Content > Webform = a node of the type Webform


Drupal Resources

UACBT includes training on Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Log in with your NetID and password. Then use the search field to look for Drupal classes. 

The UA's Drupal group has a website with several resources available. 

You can also find many excellent resources through the Drupal Organization's site. In particular, you'll find support materials and a strong community in the Community & Support and Documentation sections.