Editor Tools (WYSIWYG)

A Rich Text Editor (RTE) allow users to style content without the need to know HTML code. Also known as a 'WYSIWYG editor'. WYSIWYG (pronounced "wiz-ee-wig") stands for: What You See is What You Get.

Your Site-in-a-Box website comes pre-installed with a WYSIWYG editor.

Below is an explanation of each of the standard features that comes with your WYSIWYG editor.

Make text bold
Insert Horizontal Line
Make text italic
Align Left
Align paragraph to left
Align Center
Align paragraph to center
Align Right
Align paragraph to right
Remove Formatting
Align Full
Justify paragraph
Insert Special Character
Bulleted List
Create bulleted list
Paste as Plain Text
Use to remove formatting
Numbered List
Create numbered list
Paste from Word
Use when pasting content from Word
Decrease Indent
Formatting list items
Insert/Edit Table
Increase Indent
Formatting list items
Table Row Properties
Undo Table Cell Properties
Redo Insert Row Before
Insert/Edit Link
Create link
Insert Row After
Insert/Edit Anchor
Create anchor
Delete Row
Insert/Edit Image
Edit image details
Insert Column Before
Cleanup Messy Code Insert Column After
Paragraph, Headings
Delete Column
Superscript Split Merged Table Cells
Subscript Merge Table Cells
Block Quote Insert Predefined Template Content
Edit HTML Source Add Media
To add images