Go Live

Is your site ready to launch?  Content, menus and images all as you want?  We will need 2 - 3 business days to launch your site.

Here are the steps:

1) Submit a request and let our team know your site is ready to go live. (NOTE:  Don't make any site changes once you submit the request!! Any content changes made once this request is sent may be lost.)

2) Ensure you have read through the Important Tips page about Relative vs. Absolute URL's.

    (NOTE: If you used any absolute URL's that include "a2d" in the domain name, you will want to change these to relative URL's before requesting to go live. ie) http:// yoursitename.a2d.arizona.edu/path)

3) UITS Web team will:

a) Perform a security scan of your site as required by ABOR policy.

b) Move your site to a production server.

c) Request production URL (DNS) for your site.

4) You'll receive an email confirming your site is live and then you will make all changes on your production site - you will no longer access the test site to make website changes.