Add Users

How to Add a User

To add a new user follow these steps:

1. From the shortcuts menu select: People.

2. Select: Add CAS user

3. Enter the NetID of the user and select Create new account.

A confirmation message will appear:

4. Select People from the shortcuts menu to edit the new user's contact information and role.

5. Select edit in the row for the new user at the bottom of the People page.

6. Enter information about the new user, such as their Full Name and E-mail address.

NOTE: Do not add a password.  All authentication is handled by WebAuth.

7. Select the Status and Role for the new user. Descriptions of specific roles are available at the end of this tutorial.

Save when complete.

8. Select People from the shortcuts menu to verify that the new user has the correct permissions.


Anonymous User - Anyone who visits your site.

Authorized User - Anyone who logs into your site with WebAuth.

Content Editor - Can add and modify content.  Does not have permission to change the site by adding or removing blocks.  Cannot delete content (deleting is permanent, so we recommend using unpublish instead).  Also cannot add users.

Content Administrator - Full control of the content on the site.  Can add, edit and delete any all content, blocks, webforms, etc.  Also can add content editors or content administrators to the site.

Site Administrator - This role is reserved for the UITS Web/Mobile team.  This role controls the Drupal backend configuration - modules used, theme, user permissions, etc.