Add a Webform

Create a new form or questionnaire accessible to users by using the webform content type.

To create a webform follow these steps.

1. From the shortcuts area, select: Add Content.

2. Select: Webform.

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Title: Title of webform
  • Body: Webform's content

4. Save the page.

5. Under the WEBFORM tab you can add fields (components) to a webform. Give a name to a webform's field under Label, select a Type of field, check the Mandatory box if applicable, and click the Add button to add the field to the webform.

6. Enter an email address where results are to be sent. Click the Add button to add the email recipient.

7. Additional settings for the form are available. These include Confirmation message, Redirection location upon completion of the webform, which roles can submit the webform, and more.

8. When finished creating the webform, click the Save button.