Customizing Menus

Menus are a collection of links (menu items) used to navigate a website. Site-in-a-Box websites come with two menus pre-built, the Main menu and the Footer Menu.

Main Menu

Footer Menu

Links or menu items can be created, rearranged, or hidden via the menu's List links page. Hover over the top right corner of the menu and click the gear that appears to access this page.

Adding a menu link

Click + Add link to add a link to the menu.

A title and path for the link are required. The path can be internal to the site (e.g. /people will link to the site's People page) or external (e.g. will link to the UA @Work site).

Save when finished and you will return to the List links page.

Reordering menu links

Click and drag the link to the location it should appear in the menu.

Save configuration to keep these changes.

Creating menu sub-links (secondary level menu links)

Click and drag the menu item, nesting it under the parent menu item.

Save configuration to keep these changes.

Hiding unneeded menu links

Links can also be hidden from the menu via the List links page. Uncheck the checkbox in the Enabled column for the link.

Save configuration when done.

Return to the site's homepage to verify the menu changes.