Editing Blocks

Blocks are the boxes visible in various areas of your Site-in-a-Box website. Most blocks (e.g., Latest Activity on the homepage) are generated on-the-fly by various Drupal modules, but they also can be created by a Drupal User under the Create Content section using the content type Blocks.

Click on the gear and click on Edit.

Chose Block from the Type dropdown and click Apply. Locate the desired block in the listing and click edit.

Both methods will take you to the Edit Block screen. Make updates to the content of the block in the Body field.

Creating and Positioning a New Block

1. From the administration menu select Add Content then select Block.

3. Save when finished

4. Click the block configuration page link to position the block in your site.

This page lists all the blocks available in your site's theme and their locations. Locate your newly-created block in the Disabled section and select a new Region in the dropdown menu. Click and drag the block to reorder it within the same region.

6. Return to the new block and click configure.

Save block when finshed and verify the location of the block.