Editing Footer Information

Contact Information Block

This block contains your address and contact information. To edit the block, hover over it and click on the small gray gear that appears at the top right corner, then click on Configure block.

In the Block body field the content of the block is displayed. Make edits to the content as appropriate. Then click on the Save block button.

Footer Menu

The footer menu is a list of secondary links. To edit the list of links scroll over the menu and a little gray gear will appear to the right. Click on the gear and you will have the option to List links

On this screen you will be able to edit and delete existing links as well as add new links. To add a new link click on + Add link.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Menu link title: Menu link
  • Path: page URL that link will go to. Example: About Us. Do not add the full URL.
  • Description: same as Menu link title.

Save when finished. Menu items can be rearranged by clicking on the icon to left of menu item and dragging to new location. Save configuration when finished.

Copyright Block

The content in the copyright block is standard University of Arizona, Arizona Board of Regents information which is required on all University websites. The copyright date will automatically change annually so you should not have to make future changes.

Social Media Icons

There are four social media icons available to display in this block (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter). To add/update the icons please submit a request to the UITS Web/Mobile Services team.