New Basic Page

Use Basic Pages for your static content, such as the 'About' page.

To create a new Basic Page follow these steps:

1. From the shortcuts area select Add Content and then Basic Page

2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Body: Page content
  • File Upload: Upload PDFs, word docs, excel files, etc.

3. Menu Settings: It's a good idea to always assign a menu item to each page on the site. This helps users know what section of the website they are currently viewing.

  • To add the new page to the main menu, click on the checkbox Provide a menu link
  • In the Menu link title field, enter the text to appear for the menu button on the page
  • Under the Parent Item dropdown, select the sections of the site for the new page's menu button to display
  • Select Primary Links to have it appear on the main navigation
  • Ignore the Weight field
  • To change the order of the menu buttons, see the secton on Edit Menu on the home page of this training site

4. Click the Save button when finished