Site-in-a-Box Account Request

To request a new Site in a box site, here's how you get one:

1. Submit a Site-In-A-Box Account Request 

a) Basic information about the site owner and a secondary contact (a second contact is required). 

b) Site specific information like

i) Site Name           

ii) a Tagline you may want to display 

iii) Final desired URL (http: //<desiredname>

v) Navigation choice - Top or Left

c) Interdepartmental Billing (IB) account number for billing purposes. 

2. This request process will create a Service Level Agreement document (SLA) and will ask you to confirm your digital signature for the SLA.

3. Once the request is complete, the UITS Web team will receive a ticket and begin to create your site in a test environment that can only be accessed through UA network or VPN.  We'll send you an email with the details as soon as the site is ready.

4. Now it is up to you, the site owner, to enter content, images, news, events and make the site ready to go live.  We have a training site to help you.

5. To go live, you'll need to submit a Site-in-a-Box Assistance Request to move your site to production.  At that time, the Web team will scan your site, submit DNS and WebAuth requests and move your site to a production environment.  This can take up to a week or two, so plan ahead!